Anti-Corruption Compliance System

Metrostav DIZ s.r.o. (“Metrostav DIZ” or “the Company“) takes the issue of Compliance and the fight against corruption very seriously and considers it extremely important to its business activities

Metrostav DIZ has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and crime in general. The Company does not tolerate any form of illegal or unethical behavior and condemns such behavior.

For the above reasons, Metrostav DIZ has developed and has at its disposal a sophisticated Anti-Corruption Compliance System, which combines elements of the international standard ISO 37301 (Compliance management systems) with elements of the international standard ISO 37001 (Anti-bribery management systems) and implements these elements in the Company’s organizational and management documentation.

The objective of the Anti-Corruption Compliance System is to prevent, detect and respond to conduct that shows signs of illegal or unethical conduct, corruption or conflict of interest.

The Anti-Corruption Compliance System is built on two pillars. The first is the Company’s internal standard regulating the issue and binding both the Company’s employees and the Company itself. The second pillar of the system is the Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy, which is a binding document of Metrostav DIZ that operates both internally and externally in order to declare to all the Company’s business partners and third parties its commitment to the rules of compliance with legal regulations, the fight against corruption and bribery and the rules against conflicts of interest.

At the end of 2021, the Anti-Corruption Compliance System was certified in accordance with ISO 37301:2021 and ISO 37001:2016 standards by the independent certification authority.

In order to ensure oversight of the implementation of the elements of the Anti-Corruption Compliance System, the Company has established a Compliance Officer to whom it has delegated the necessary powers in this area. The main mission of the Compliance Officer is to identify requirements for the effectiveness and functionality of the Anti-Corruption Compliance System and monitor, analyze and evaluate its performance. In addition, the Compliance Officer also oversees the Company’s compliance with external regulatory and legal requirements.

In connection with the Anti-Corruption Compliance System, the Company has a special email address which is used for the submission of suggestions of entities in connection with the functioning of the Anti-Corruption Compliance System. This e-mail address is managed by the Compliance Officer of Metrostav DIZ.

Metrostav Group Code of Ethics and Metrostav Group Ethics Line

In addition to the internal Anti-Corruption Compliance System, Metrostav DIZ, as a member of the Metrostav Group, has adopted and implemented elements of the Metrostav Group’s Criminal Compliance Program, including the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics and the Metrostav Group Ethics Line.

Code of Ethics of the Metrostav Group is a binding document that expresses the moral principles of the Metrostav Group. It sets out the rules of conduct and behavior for the Group companies, its employees and associates.

Metrostav Group Ethics Line is a tool for reporting incorrect, unethical, or illegal conduct in violation of the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics. Both employees of the Company and third parties outside the Company or the Metrostav Group may submit their complaints through the Metrostav Group Ethics Line, which is available both via the website or a telephone number.

More information on the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics and the Metrostav Group Ethics Line can be found in this link.