Our operations

Construction and greening of energy facilities

We carry out general contracting for the construction, greening, innovation, upgrading and reconstruction of conventional energy facilities and waste-to-energy plants. This includes:

  • advisory feasibility studies
  • engineering and design work
  • equipment production
  • the supply and assembly of technology
  • the commissioning and demonstration of the work’s guaranteed parameters

Our activities are focused on ensuring compliance with legislative requirements for new emission parameters, especially for conventional coal-fired power and CHP plants and waste-to-energy plants, where we deliver comprehensive solutions encompassing the design, production, assembly and construction of technologies operated by customers, along with resultant reductions in virtually all of the main gaseous pollutants – SO2, PM, NOx and Hg – that they emit.

This work is grounded in our considerable referential experience of the latest technologies (best available techniques – BAT) and the associated know-how, backed up by our own research and development.

Building construction

We deliver general contracting for civil and industrial projects. Our main specialisation lies in new-build and refurbishment projects for:

  • hospitals, social institutions and medical facilities
  • all types of schools and school facilities
  • sports centres, grounds and stadiums
  • theatres, cinemas, churches, exhibition centres and cultural facilities
  • hotels, guest houses, department stores and office buildings
  • ticket halls at stations and terminal buildings at airports
  • production and repair plants in industry and transport

Water management structures

We deliver general contracting for water supply, sewerage and hydrotechnical projects. Our main specialisation lies in new-build and refurbishment projects for:

  • the supply of water to customers, i.e. the collection, pumping, treatment, accumulation, transportation and distribution of water
  • the safe disposal and treatment of all types of wastewater, i.e. sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants
  • modifications to watercourses, weirs, reservoirs, dams and hydropower works