ZEVO Chotíkov – Supplier of Construction Parts

ZEVO (“Zařízení pro energetické využití odpadů” – Waste-to-Energy Facility) Chotíkov is designed for the combined production of electricity and heat. The facility’s outputs are electric energy and heat in the form of hot water. Electric energy is primarily used for the facility’s own operation, while the rest of generated electricity is distributed to the 22 kV distribution network. Hot water (with parameters of 135 °C/ 70 °C) is supplied to the CZT network of Plzeňská teplárenská via a DN250 connection. The installed maximum heat power is 22 MWt and the total heat production is designed for 396 769 GJ/year. The total installed electric power is 10.5 MWe. The facility’s own energy consumption is 18 157 MWh/year and it supplies
36 041 MWh/year to the network.

Investor: Plzeňská Teplárenská, a.s.

Implementation period: 10/2013 – 10/2016